About the partnership

Roskilde Festival og DTU's partnership

The Technical University of Denmark and Roskilde Festival started the partnership in spring 2010.

The purpose of the partnership is that students from DTU carry out voluntary and unpaid project work on a technical issue at Roskilde Festival. The student obtains 5 ECTS points for the project work by subsequently describing the project in a technical report, which is assessed by an associated supervisor at DTU.

This means that for about 100 DTU students, the Roskilde Festival will not only offer music, parties and colors but also deal with challenging their professionalism and test new ideas in practice. Every year Roskilde Festival attracts some of the world's largest and most promising artists, 75,000 festival guests and 25,000 volunteers.

It places great demands on acoustics, water supply and traffic planning. All areas where DTU students can contribute with new solutions and suggestions.

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