Hvem kan deltage?

Both bachelor and master students as well as bachelor of engineering students at DTU have the opportunity to participate in the collaboration.
One way to participate is by partaking in one of the june 3-week official festival courses. The following two exists:

  • Waste management (course no. 12135)
  • Acoustics conditions (course no. 31245)

Both of these courses grant 5 ECTS point and a ticket to the festival. There are  prerequisites for both these courses, so make sure you check them out on DTUs course database.
Another way to participate is through a special course that you make with a supervisor at DTU. Check out the page Design dit eget kursus for details.
The third way you can participate is through another project that you are working on. If the subject of your "fagprojekt", bachelor or master thesis has value at Roskilde Festival, make it a Roskilde Festival project. Send us the gest of your project and how it could be implemented at the festival (approximately one page) to the mail info@roskilde.dtu.dk.